Keeping Your Internet Browser Safe


Keeping your internet browser and keeping your car safe are both similar. In Freeyork’s article, we’ve learned that a car needs maintenance on a regular basis. To avoid paying a huge amount of money on repairs, you should check your vehicle frequently, not letting months go by without paying attention to the insides.



Just as you need to think about other drivers when you’re on the road, you also have to consider the people who use your browser. Are they responsible enough not to bring harm to your computer through the internet? Do they even know what shouldn’t be clicked? Remember, you’re in charge of your computer. If you allow someone to browse the web without providing rules for them, don’t be surprised if your computer gets a virus afterward.


Although handyman tools can help keep your car in shape, they aren’t entirely needed for you to keep your browser safe from virus. The tool you need is an anti-virus extension, one that’s trustworthy and has complete features. When I say “complete features,” I mean all the required features to prevent your browser from opening illegal sites, unwanted ads/sites, and getting tons of viruses. Looking for an ad-blocker won’t be difficult. There are numerous free extensions and apps out there that can help you protect your browser, regardless of what you’re using.



Lastly, you should always be prepared. There are various tips on how you can prepare your car for winter and in case of accidents. Likewise, there are also lots of tips you can read about backing up the files on your computer. There are free apps nowadays that can help you do that. Why backup, you ask? Because it’s the best way to be prepared for the worst-case scenario: Getting a computer virus through the internet which deletes all your computer files.


Yes, that kind of virus exists. So, to be safe, it’s best to back up your data now and then, preferably every month. If you have lots of important files saved in your computer or internet browser, then back up every week if necessary.

Remember these three things: Tools, Users, and Backup. They will help you keep your internet browser safe from anything that could make you hate the world wide web.