What Are The Benefits of Learning Shell Scripting

Shell Script

Learning Shell Script could be difficult at first.

So, what is a shell script? It allows the program orders in chains. Just like batch files, it executes them as a scripted event.

Also, it can take input from a user file then output them to the visual screen. To help you understand how this work, here’s some uses of shell script.

Monitor Linux System


A shell script is used to analyze performance in real-time. Monitoring a network or system will inform you whenever an issue is detected. This is important to avoid network problems. It can also be used to solve a system failure quickly.

Data backup

One of the most important things to do is to back everything up. This is essential to secure and protect important files. You don’t want to lose something precious to you, right? Use the shell script to secure all vital information and data.

Find out what’s eating your system resources

You can easily found hidden programs that are eating up your system. By using Shell Script, you can identify what processes consume your available system resources.

Find available and free memory

To make a program run faster, you’ll need more memory. Finding a free memory will be easier with the use of Shell Script.

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There you have it, coders! Above are some of the uses of Shell Script. It’s up to you to find it’s full capability and uses. Use your curiosity to learn more about the Shell Script and its importance!